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Clan rules:

-All players must stick together, and help out wherever possible. Sure, snipers can find vantage points, but they should be covering the squad. You can move off in a different path, get in vehicles, and stuff like that also.

-No glitching, Hacking, Spawn camping, spamming...

-Be good to one another; No swearing .etc...

-Report anyone who does not abide by the rules, by messaging me. so we can make the clan a great place to play and have fun.

-In Battlefield 3:
Make sure you give out orders as the squad leader.
Follow all orders given by the squad leader.
try to spawn on your squad

You are not required to be a certain level or age, so long as you stick to the rules. Headsets aren't required.
Don't worry about K/D, W/L.

The main thing is to stay together:P
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